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Introduction: What are these pages?   On immortality, and why this blog is being written. The main topics to be covered: memoirs and stories from my life, technology, and languages.
#0001   January 11, 2010   *INTRO

Who am I?   A quick once-over on my life story, broken down roughly by decade.
#0002   January 11, 2010   *INTRO

Why write using the HTML and JPG file formats?   Keeping things forever: the ability of digital technology to make exact copies.
#0003   January 11, 2010   *INTRO   *TECHNOLOGY

How I write   My writing style, and the technology that supports my writing (past and present).
#0004   January 11, 2010   *INTRO   *TECHNOLOGY

Coming to Kronos   The story of how I came to work at Kronos in April, 1979.
#0005   January 11, 2010   *CAREER   *KRONOS

The poison apple   A minor childhood trauma.
#0006   January 11, 2010   *CHILDHOOD

Miss Crouch   Adventures in babysitting, morphing into a discussion of the early technology leading to some of the keys on modern personal computer keyboards.
#0007   January 11, 2010   *CHILDHOOD  *PEOPLE   *TECHNOLOGY

I resign   On a casual game played against Mac Hack VI, Richard Greenblatt's chess program, with a brief discussion of the anthropomorphization of computers.
#0008   January 11, 2010   *CHESS   *MIT   *TECHNOLOGY

Sehr gut   My first attempt at speaking German, plus my favorite tri-lingual joke.
#0009   January 15, 2010   *FRENCH  *GERMAN   *LANGUAGE

L'Accent tonique   Thoughts about listening to and speaking French (probably only of interest to those who speak or are studying French).
#0010   January 15, 2010   *FRENCH  *LANGUAGE

Harold   Introducing Harold, my sister Alice's blue and gold macaw.
#0011  January 21, 2010   *FAMILY1  *PEOPLE

Véronique   About my first trip to France, and learning to speak French.
#0012   January 28, 2010  *FRENCH  *LANGUAGE  *PEOPLE

Frau Pan   Studying German with Frau Pan: memorizing poetry, linguistic memory depth.
#0013   February 3, 2010   *GERMAN  *LANGUAGE   *MIT  *PEOPLE

Due diligence   A "Due Diligence" meeting held when I invested in Kronos in July of 1979.
#0014   February 3, 2010   *CAREER   *KRONOS

Sex in the woods   A summer camp story that says a lot about what I was like as a kid.
#0015   February 18, 2010   *CAMP  *CHILDHOOD

Lobster   My sister Phyllis discovers a magic word to shut me up. Want to know what it is?
#0016   February 26, 2010   *CAMP  *CHILDHOOD

Western Ass   Words in one language which are vulgar in another.
#0017  March 4, 2010  *FRENCH  *GERMAN  *LANGUAGE 

Mont-Tremblant   A camping vacation in Mont-Tremblant National Park (Québec, Canada). Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!
#0018  March 11, 2010  *FAMILY2

Have it your way   My battle with Burger King over the Massachusetts meals tax.
#0019   March 18, 2010

Monsieur L'Oiseau   A story about French formality, on my first trip to France in 1961.
#0020   March 25, 2010  *FRENCH  *LANGUAGE  *PEOPLE

Kids say the darndest things   Things my children said.
#0021  April 1, 2010  *FAMILY2

Remembrance of things breast   À la recherche des seins perdus.
#0022  April 8, 2010  *FAMILY2

Why do women have two breasts?   The "One-half Rule" that applies, approximately, to all mammals, including homo sapiens.
#0023  April 8, 2010

Mr. Lusch   My high school physics course at Great Neck North High School.
#0024   April 15, 2010  *CHILDHOOD  *PEOPLE

Mr. Canfield   Studying French with Mr. Canfield at Great Neck North High School.
#0025   April 22, 2010  *CHILDHOOD  *FRENCH  *LANGUAGE  *PEOPLE

Herr Bon   Some stories about Primus Benedict Bon, a German teacher at MIT in the sixties.
#0026   April 29, 2010  *GERMAN  *LANGUAGE  *MIT  *PEOPLE

German article and adjectival inflections   This is not a regular blog entry. It's a highly technical discussion of a particular aspect of German grammar. If you're not into that, skip it. Otherwise: it's my (hopefully) simplified chart of German article and adjectival inflections.
#0027  April 29, 2010  *GERMAN  *LANGUAGE

Sailing   A few sailing and windsurfing stories. In one, I get knocked over by a beam of light.
#0028   May 6, 2010  *MIT

Windsurfing for sailors   Hints for sailors learning to windsurf: the basic forces, and sailors' prejudices that could interfere with learning.
#0029   May 6, 2010

Horseradish   How many stories can I have about horseradish?
#0030   May 13, 2010  *FAMILY2

Madhu and the death ray   Two Ph.D.s at Micronetic Systems argue over the testing of a laser.
#0031  May 21, 2010  *CAREER  *TECHNOLOGY

The Ayache formula   Getting to the Place Clemenceau in the shortest time, with mention of the "patisserie effect".
#0032  May 27, 2010  *LANGUAGE  *MATHEMATICS

My moustache   About my moustache, including why and how I shaved it off.
#0033   June 3, 2010   *FAMILY2

Biscotti   Some word origins, and connections between languages.

Biscotti (bis)   How Americans misuse and mispronounce Italian words.
#0035 June 17, 2010 *ENGLISH *ITALIAN *LANGUAGE

Computer Camp   I created the very first computer programming course taught at a summer camp.
#0036   June 24, 2010  *CAMP  *MIT  *TECHNOLOGY

Computer chess via ham radio   I was involved in what was probably the first chess game played between two computers via amateur ("ham"") radio.
#0037   July 1, 2010   *CHESS  *MIT  *TECHNOLOGY

My brain on Ovaltine   Are our brains simpler than we think? Radio days.
#0038  July 8, 2010  *FAMILY1

Ask Larry   Do I know everything?
#0039  July 15, 2010  *FAMILY1

Mac Hack VI competes   Stories of Mac Hack VI, Richard Greenblatt's chess program, competing against human players in tournament play.
#0040  July 22, 2010  *CHESS  *MIT  *TECHNOLOGY

History of Kronos, part 1   An annotated humorous 1997 speech on the history of Kronos, presented to an audience of about 800 people in Chicago. Part 1 of 2.
#0041  July 29, 2010  *CAREER  *KRONOS

History of Kronos, part 2   An annotated humorous 1997 speech on the history of Kronos. Part 2 of 2.
#0042   August 5, 2010  *CAREER  *KRONOS   *TECHNOLOGY

Leon Cogan's story   A Russian Jewish émigré helps his daughter learn English.
#0043  August 12, 2010  *ENGLISH  *LANGUAGE  *PEOPLE  *SPANISH

Man v. Machine   The ongoing battle with our own creations.
#0044   August 19, 2010  *MIT  *TECHNOLOGY

Bits   Just what is "one bit" of computer memory? An explanation for the non-technical reader, by way of the "Double-bed dual-control electric blanket effect". Includes pictures of some old "core" memories.
#0045   August 26, 2010  *TECHNOLOGY

Roots and wings   Tracking our children's flights.
#0046  September 2, 2010  *FAMILY2

Tyranny of the clock   The pain in Spain is mainly in the brain. Eating in Spain, and how our modern dependence on the clock limits our thinking.
#0047   September 23, 2010

The giant fork   A collection of stories from various points in my life, loosely tied to sleep.
#0048  September 30, 2010  *CHILDHOOD  *FAMILY2

Le Cercle Français   How I found Le Cercle Français, including an interesting event that occurred in Mme. Brynjolfson's conversational French course.
#0049  October 7, 2010  *FRENCH  *LANGUAGE

Disable interrupts   Interrupts, for both people and computers. Algorithms for taking pills.
#0050  October 14, 2010  *TECHNOLOGY

Personalities   The differing personalities a company needs, illustrated by a troubleshooting story.
#0051  October 21, 2010  *KRONOS  *TECHNOLOGY

Magic   Remember when your children still thought you were magical?
#0052  October 28, 2010  *FAMILY2

Busy, busy   Sara's always on the move.
#0053  November 4, 2010  *FAMILY2

Amateur radio   My history in amateur ("ham") radio.
#0054  November 11, 2010  *MIT  *TECHNOLOGY

Chess stories   Tales of Richard Greenblatt's Mac Hack VI chess program, and some related stories.
#0055  November 18, 2010  *CHESS  *MIT  *TECHNOLOGY

house of turkey death, The   A couple of turkey-related stories for Thanksgiving
#0056   November 25, 2010   *CAREER  *FAMILY2  *KRONOS

In loco parentis   Dating in the sixties.
#0057   December 2, 2010  *MIT

Linguistic lunacy   Some quirks of English and Spanish.
#0058   December 9, 2010   *ENGLISH  *LANGUAGE  *SPANISH

Boston   Some stories about my adopted home.
#0059   December 16, 2010   *FAMILY2  *KRONOS

Micronetic Systems   Some stories from my first start-up company
#0060   December 23, 2010  *CAREER  *TECHNOLOGY

Rats   Elissa's pet rats
#0061  December 29, 2010  *FAMILY2

The cat who came in from the cold   How Alice came by her pet cats.
#0062   January 6, 2011  *FAMILY1

Time   Some musings on our various ways of measuring time, and on interesting numbers.
#0063   January 11, 2011  *MATHEMATICS

What's eating us?   Parasites we have known.
#0064   January 20, 2011  *FAMILY2

Naked and nude   Why does English have so many words?
#0065   January 27, 2011   *ENGLISH  *LANGUAGE

Chess and nim   About chess, and other finite deterministic games.
#0066   February 3, 2011  *CHESS  *MATHEMATICS

Eigenstories   How tales evolve over time.
#0067   February 10, 2011  *ENGLISH  *LANGUAGE

The gambler   My MIT course on Statistical Decision Theory.
#0068   February 17, 2011  *MATHEMATICS  *MIT

MIT people   Some people I encountered at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, which I attended for 11 years.
#0069   February 24, 2011  *MIT  *TECHNOLOGY

Telephones   How telephones have changed since the forties.
#0070   March 3, 2011  *TECHNOLOGY

Telephones (bis)   More about the history of telephones.
#0071   March 10, 2011   *FAMILY2  *TECHNOLOGY

The mushroom   An experience with a wild mushroom.
#0072   March 17, 2011   *FAMILY2

Badges   A few stories loosely related to corporate identification badges.
#0073   March 24, 2011   *CAREER  *KRONOS  *TECHNOLOGY

Toothache   A Fourth of July toothache.
#0074   March 31, 2011   *FAMILY2

Listening   Margie draws people out.
#0075   April 7, 2011   *FAMILY2

English noun phrases   Fun with English - reinterpreting noun phrases.
#0076   April 14, 2011   *ENGLISH  *LANGUAGE

Abe   My paternal grandfather Abraham Krakauer.
#0077   April 21, 2011   *FAMILY1  *PEOPLE

Air Chance   The return flight from our honeymoon.
#0078   April 28, 2011   *FAMILY2

Television   The television technology of my youth.
#0079   May 5, 2011   *FAMILY1  *TECHNOLOGY

Grandpa's first flight   My Grandpa Abe gets on an airplane.
#0080   May 12, 2011   *FAMILY1  *PEOPLE

Le stage   A summer job in France.
#0081   May 19, 2011   *FRENCH  *LANGUAGE  *TECHNOLOGY

Nils Frederiksen   Some stories about Nils and Nancy Frederiksen.
#0082   May 26, 2011   *CAMP  *MIT  *PEOPLE

Nerd pride   Early computer geeks.
#0083   June 2, 2011   *MIT  *TECHNOLOGY

Moby Memory   About a 256 Kiloword core memory.
#0084   June 9, 2011   *MIT  *TECHNOLOGY

Hackers   The Artificial Intelligence Lab in the sixties.
#0085   June 16, 2011   *MIT  *TECHNOLOGY

Dan and the moon   Using the moon, my father teaches me how to think.
#0086   June 23, 2011   *CHILDHOOD  *FAMILY1  *PEOPLE

Copies   Copies were once hard to make.
#0087   June 30, 2011   *TECHNOLOGY

The English sparrow   A few stories about birds.
#0088   July 7, 2011   *FAMILY1  *PEOPLE

Allons enfants de la patrie ...   Bastille Day at the Club Med
#0089   July 14, 2011   *FAMILY2  *FRENCH

Being smart   What being of above average intelligence has meant to me.
#0090   July 21, 2011   *CHILDHOOD  *FAMILY1

Bob Pease   A tribute to Bob Pease
#0091   July 28, 2011   *MIT   *PEOPLE   *TECHNOLOGY

Food   Some stories about how we relate to food.
#0092   August 4, 2011   *FAMILY1  *FAMILY2

Marthe   About Marthe Mulvaney.
#0093   August 11, 2011   *FAMILY2  *PEOPLE

Gender   Some stories about gender, human and linguistic.
#0094   August 18, 2011   *ENGLISH  *LANGUAGE

Just do it   A bias for action?
#0095   August 25, 2011   *CAMP  *CAREER  *KRONOS

Wrestling for Baker House   My brief athletic career at MIT.
#0096   September 1, 2011   *MIT

Live free and die   Thoughts about seatbelts.
#0097   September 8, 2011

The Costco effect   Buying more than you need.
#0098   September 29, 2011

The French   A recent trip to France.
#0099   October 6, 2011  *FRENCH  *LANGUAGE

Recalculating!   Our Garmin GPS (and its use in Europe)
#0100   October 13, 2011  *TECHNOLOGY

Dan and Elissa   Interests shared by my father and a daughter.
#0101   October 20, 2011  *FAMILY1  *FAMILY2  *PEOPLE

Vocabulary   My vocabulary cards from the sixth grade.
#0102   October 27, 2011  *CHILDHOOD

Krakauer   The origin of my family name.
#0103   November 3, 2011  *FAMILY1  *GERMAN  *LANGUAGE

Yiddish   Some stories relating to the Yiddish language.
#0104   November 10, 2011   *GERMAN  *LANGUAGE

Algorithms   Mindlessly following automatic procedures.
#0105   November 17, 2011   *TECHNOLOGY

Frequent kickbacks   Frequent flyer programs and corporate ethics policies.
#0106   November 23, 2011   *CAREER  *KRONOS

The chipmunk   An incident when I was a summer camp counselor-in-training.
#0107   December 1, 2011   *CAMP

Tracks   Tracks in the snow.
#0108   December 8, 2011

Kristin Espinasse   A visit to my "blogging idol".
#0109   December 15, 2011  *PEOPLE&

Patents   Inventors in my family
#0110   December 22, 2011  *FAMILY1  *KRONOS  *PEOPLE  *TECHNOLOGY

Word processors   An interesting 1963 study on human factors in word processing.
#0111   December 29, 2011   *TECHNOLOGY

Chester   Our first family dog (part 1 of 3).
#0112   January 5, 2012  *FAMILY2  *PEOPLE

70   On turning 70, and the second anniversary of my blog.
#0113   January 11, 2012

Sara's birthday gift   A guest blog entry, written for my 70th birthday by my daughter Sara.
#0114   January 19, 2012  *FAMILY2

Chester (bis)   Our first family dog (part 2 of 3)
#0115   January 26, 2012  *FAMILY2  *PEOPLE

The Masons   How I came to join the Masons.
#0116   February 2, 2012  *FAMILY1  *PEOPLE

Chester (ter)   Our first family dog (part 3 of 3)
#0117   February 9, 2012  *FAMILY2  *PEOPLE

Y2K   The year 2000, start of the new millennium.
#0118   February 16, 2012  *CAREER  *KRONOS  *TECHNOLOGY

Y2K (bis)   The year 2000, part 2.
#0119   February 23, 2012  *CAREER  *KRONOS  *TECHNOLOGY

Y2K speech, part 1   Part 1 of a 1999 speech about the upcoming year 2000.
#0120   March 1, 2012  *CAREER  *KRONOS  *TECHNOLOGY

Y2K speech, part 2   The conclusion of a 1999 speech about the upcoming year 2000.
#0121   March 8, 2012  *CAREER  *KRONOS  *TECHNOLOGY

Voting   Technology for voting in a meeting, and how it's changed over the years.
#0122   March 15, 2012  *MIT  *TECHNOLOGY

Schematics   Diagrammatic representations: maps and circuit diagrams.
#0123   March 22, 2012   *TECHNOLOGY

Larry Black   How I came to be an electrical engineer.
#0124   March 29, 2012   *MIT  *PEOPLE  *TECHNOLOGY

Amateur subway riding   Competitive subway riding in New York City.
#0125   April 5, 2012  *MIT  *TECHNOLOGY

Google   How the Internet and search engines have changed our lives.
#0126   April 12, 2012  *MIT  *TECHNOLOGY

Old   An annual physical exam that made me feel old.
#0127   April 19, 2012

Oldthink   Changes in our life and language as technology marches on.
#0128   April 26, 2012   *CHILDHOOD   *TECHNOLOGY

Things I worry about   A wonderful gift from Sara.
#0129   May 3, 2012   *FAMILY2

Gadgets   Various things I've built.
#0130   May 10, 2012   *TECHNOLOGY

Bow ties   My father's bow ties.
#0131   May 17, 2012   *FAMILY1

Sleep deprivation   Some sleep-related stories, mostly from my college years.
#0132   May 24, 2012  *MIT

Sturbridge fields forever   On the playing fields of Camp Robinson Crusoe.
#0133   May 31, 2012   *CAMP  *CHILDHOOD

Piles   Too much stuff.
#0134   June 7, 2012

Driving in France   Some tips for tourists on driving in France.
#0135   June 14, 2012  *FRENCH

Eleven   Weighing in.
#0136   June 21, 2012  *MATHEMATICS  *TECHNOLOGY

Forty-two years   On my forty-second anniversary.
#0137   June 28, 2012  *FAMILY2

Poison ivy   Poison ivy comes a creeping.
#0138   July 5, 2012

Le jour de gloire   La Marseillaise.
#0139   July 12, 2012  *FRENCH  *LANGUAGE

Day of the week   Calculating the day of the week in your head.
#0140   July 19, 2012   *MATHEMATICS

Bus stop   Meeting the school bus at the end of our street.
#0141   July 26, 2012   *FAMILY2

Troubleshooting   Diagnosing problems.
#0142   August 2, 2012   *CAMP  *FAMILY1  *TECHNOLOGY

The poison apple (bis)   A rewrite.
#0143   August 9, 2012   *CHILDHOOD

Upgrade   I upgrade to my first "smart" cell phone.
#0144   August 16, 2012   *TECHNOLOGY

Physics   Physics: from childhood to MIT.
#0145   August 23, 2012   *CHILDHOOD  *MIT

Spanish   Learning Spanish.
#0146   August 30, 2012   *LANGUAGE  *SPANISH

The good old days   Were they really better?
#0147   September 6, 2012  *CHILDHOOD

Cyrano composes a ballade   An English paper I submitted in my Senior year of high school.
#0148   September 13, 2012   *CHILDHOOD  *FRENCH

Spatial relations   Visualizing, cutting, and folding.
#0149   September 20, 2012   *CHILDHOOD

The Italians   Some observations from our travels in Italy.
#0150   October 18, 2012  *ITALIAN  *LANGUAGE

La globista de Akumal   Balloon twisting in Mexico.
#0151   October 25, 2012   *FAMILY2

Hurricane   Thoughts in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.
#0152   November 1, 2012  *CHILDHOOD  *ENGLISH  *LANGUAGE

Linguistic gender   Gender in foreign languages.
#0153   November 8, 2012   *FRENCH  *KRONOS  *LANGUAGE

Classrooms Abroad   My first trip to France.
#0154   November 15, 2012   *FRENCH  *LANGUAGE

The Lecture Series Committee   Silkscreened posters advertising films shown at MIT in 1962.
#0155   November 21, 2012   *MIT

The pond   Building a dam.
#0156   November 29, 2012   *MATHEMATICS

Personal computers   From vacuum tube mainframes to your home office.
#0157   December 6, 2012  *TECHNOLOGY

12/12/12   Thinking about numerical patterns on 12/12/12.
#0158   12/12/12   *MATHEMATICS

Bad design   Designs that should be flushed.
#0159   December 20, 2012  *TECHNOLOGY

Connections   Electronic interconnections - soldering.
#0160   December 27, 2012  *TECHNOLOGY

Connections (bis)   Electronic interconnections - printed circuit boards.
#0161   January 3, 2013  *TECHNOLOGY

71   On turning 71, and the third anniversary of my blog.
#0162   January 10, 2013

Heathkit   Building my first personal computer.
#0163   January 17, 2013  *TECHNOLOGY

Blue skies   Changing the color of the sky.
#0164   January 24, 2013  *TECHNOLOGY

Life in the 'burbs   A light dusting of snow.
#0165   January 31, 2013  *FAMILY2

What's wrong with this picture?   Impossible images.
#0166   February 7, 2013

The blizzard of 2013   A winter storm in New England.
#0167   February 14, 2013  *FAMILY2

The switch that worked once   The mystery of a switch that failed on its second use.
#0168   February 21, 2013  *KRONOS  *TECHNOLOGY

Darwin   My first grandchild.
#0169   February 28, 2013   *FAMILY2

Blogging   Hosting a blog.
#0170   March 7, 2013  *TECHNOLOGY

How many squares?   An Internet/Facebook puzzle.
#0171   March 14, 2013  *MATHEMATICS

Computers on the road   A computer to travel with.
#0172   March 21, 2013  *TECHNOLOGY

Changes   Dar's first month.
#0173   March 28, 2013  *FAMILY2

Snow shovels   The variety of snow shovels needed for a New England winter.
#0174   April 4, 2013

Gaining weight overnight   Can you gain weight while sleeping?
#0175   April 11, 2013

Night race   An overnight sailboat race in Cape Cod Bay.
#0176   April 18, 2013  *MIT  *TECHNOLOGY

Photographed world   Our ubiquitous cameras
#0177   April 25, 2013  *TECHNOLOGY

Japanese   My adventures in Japanese.
#0178   May 2, 2013  *LANGUAGE

Zurich   Presenting a technical paper in Zurich, Switzerland.
#0179   May 9, 2013  *CAREER  *LANGUAGE

Raccoons   Some stories about raccoons.
#0180   May 16, 2013  *CAMP  *FAMILY1

Science   What is science?
#0181   May 23, 2013

Science (bis)   Sources of truth.
#0182   May 30, 2013

Fifty years   My fiftieth college reunion.
#0183   June 6, 2013  *MIT

Fifty years (bis)   More on my fiftieth college reunion.
#0184   June 13, 2013   *MIT

Fifty years (ter)   Still more on my reunion.
#0185   June 20, 2013   *MIT

Helium   Some things I've worried about.
#0186   June 27, 2013

Forty-three years   Dinner on our forty-third anniversary.
#0187   July 4, 2013  *FAMILY2

Ixodes scapularis   The deer tick.
#0188   July 11, 2013  *FAMILY2

The moon   Why don't we see the moon at different angles as it moves across the sky?
#0189   July 18, 2013

Troubleshooting (bis)   Fixing an intermittent problem.
#0190   July 25, 2013   *CAREER  *TECHNOLOGY

Not so fast, Sherlock   A disagreement with Sherlock Holmes.
#0191   August 1, 2013  *MATHEMATICS

Accents   How to type accented characters.

American Express   Replacing lost traveler's checks.
#0193   August 22, 2013  *FAMILY2

Solid food   Darwin enlarges her diet.
#0194   August 29, 2013  *FAMILY2

Gas   Bringing natural gas to our house.
#0195   September 5, 2013  *FAMILY1  *FAMILY2

Funny stuff   Amusing things I've noticed.
#0196   September 12, 2013

Milestones   Baby Darwin changes.
#0197   September 19, 2013  *FAMILY2

Gas (bis)   Our old furnace and water heater.
#0198   September 26, 2013  *FAMILY2

Demo day   Removing our old furnace.
#0199   October 3, 2013  *FAMILY2

Gas (ter)   Installing our new heating system.
#0200   October 10, 2013  *FAMILY2

Backup   Installing our new generator.
#0201   October 17, 2013  *FAMILY2

Applause!   Darwin's development continues.
#0202   October 24, 2013  *FAMILY2

Having a website   Connections made through my site
#0203   October 31, 2013  *CAMP  *FAMILY1

WBZ   A visit to the WBZ studios.
#0204   November 7, 2013  *TECHNOLOGY

WBZ control room   A control room at WBZ-TV.
#0205   November 14, 2013  *TECHNOLOGY

Radio Workshop   An interesting High School course.
#0206   November 21, 2013  *CHILDHOOD  *TECHNOLOGY

Nine months   Darwin's nine-month birthday.
#0207   November 27, 2013  *FAMILY2

First Thanksgiving   Darwin celebrates her first family Thanksgiving
#0208   December 5, 2013  *FAMILY1  *FAMILY2

Philip   Philip Krakauer and his descendents.
#0209   December 12, 2013  *FAMILY1

Christmas   Why we celebrate Christmas.
#0210   December 19, 2013  *FAMILY1  *FAMILY2

Christmas 2013   Road trip !!
#0211   January 2, 2014  *FAMILY1  *FAMILY2

72   On turning 72, and the fourth anniversary of my blog.
#0212   January 9, 2014

Hair   The many hairstyles of Darwin.
#0213   January 16, 2014  *FAMILY2

Divisibility   Divisibility tricks, and my high school math team.
#0214   January 23, 2014  *CHILDHOOD  *MATHEMATICS

MIT scenes   Seen on the MIT campus.
#0215   January 30, 2014  *MIT

Camp Robinson Crusoe   My summer camp.
#0216   February 6, 2014  *CAMP  *CHILDHOOD

Fodor's Forums   Preparing for and reporting on our travel.
#0217   February 13, 2014

Margie   About Margie, on her 70th birthday.
#0218   February 20, 2014  *FAMILY2

One year   Darwin's first birthday.
#0219   February 27, 2014  *FAMILY2

First year   Darwin's first year.
#0220   March 6, 2014  *FAMILY2

Data-Mate   Meeting Margie via computer dating.
#0221   March 13, 2014  *FAMILY2  *TECHNOLOGY

Data-Mate (bis)   More about my first date with Margie.
#0222   March 20, 2014  *FAMILY2  *TECHNOLOGY

Gadgets (bis)   More gadgets I've built.
#0223   March 27, 2014  *TECHNOLOGY

Pastafarianism   Cosmic secrets in Italian pasta.
#0224   April 1, 2014  *ITALIAN  *LANGUAGE

Ice mysteries   Some strange behaviors of snow and ice.
#0225   April 10, 2014

Old rules   Assorted driving-related advice from my past.
#0226   April 17, 2014

Japanese knotweed   An invasive plant.
#0227   April 24, 2014  *KRONOS

Power failure   Losing our electricity - NOT!
#0228   April 29, 2014:  *FAMILY2

Inventions   About my ideas, with an example.
#0229   May 8, 2014  *TECHNOLOGY

MIT hacks   My MIT hacks, then and now.
#0230   May 15, 2014  *MIT

The animals of Old Sudbury Road   Animals real and imagined.
#0231   May 22, 2014

Nature   Found around town.
#0232   May 29, 2014

Tree work   Removing three large pines.
#0233   June 5, 2014

Doctor's office   Seen in a doctor's office.
#0234   June 12, 2014  *FAMILY1  *FAMILY2

Wayland 375   The Town of Wayland's celebrates its 375th anniversary.
#0235   June 19, 2014

Doctor's office (bis)   Seen in a doctor's office - part 2.
#0236   June 26, 2014

Forty-four years   Celebrating our 44th wedding anniversary.
#0237   July 3, 2014  *FAMILY2

Power failure (bis)   Our second power outage.
#0238   July 10, 2014  *FAMILY2

Blue, white, and red   Dressed for the 14th of July.
#0239   July 17, 2014  *FAMILY2

The world according to Darwin   Darwin builds vocabulary, and makes sense of the world.
#0240   July 24, 2014  *FAMILY2

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