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In my first blog entry, called Introduction: what are these pages?, I wrote, "I generally add one new entry each week, posting them Thursday evening by midnight Eastern Standard Time (05:00 Friday Greenwich Mean Time)." In my second entry, Who am I?, I added, "I think I'll be easily able to post at least one entry a week ...". And I've done just that, except when I was on vacation, for well over four and a half years now, up until my last entry, entry #0244.

But now I'm going to slow down. Starting with this entry, posted exactly 56 months after my first, I'm going to start posting on a more irregular basis (last Thursday was the first non-vacation week I've skipped since the blog started on January 11, 2010). This also means that future entries won't necessarily appear on Thursday evenings - I may post them at any time.

If you want to be notified when a new entry has been posted, write me and ask to be added to the blog notification list. You'll get less than one message a week, and you can ask to be taken off the list at any time. If you're already receiving my announcements, you don't need to write - you'll remain on the list.

Future attractions

Old family photos: Old family photos may be the largest source of entries yet to come. I have a great many photos from my childhood home in Great Neck, New York, and in all these years, I haven't had time to sort through them and figure out what they all are. Meanwhile, I've been holding off on writing many stories from my childhood with the thought that they'd be best illustrated with these photos.

These are likely to include stories about our unusual modernist house in Great Neck, New York, designed by the architects Antonin Raymond and Ladislav Rado, which has now been torn down. I'd like to write more about my father and mother, and these entries ought to include photos as well. I may have stories about other family members, prompted by photos I find. I particularly hope I can locate some good photos of our summers at my great-grandfather Philip's estate in Tannersville, New York.

One problem is that some of the photos I have are in the form of motion pictures. My father took quite a few 16mm movies in my youth, then in later years switched to 8mm or super-8. These reels are harder to look through than still photos, and I don't have a good way of scanning them to create stills for a web page. I'll see what I can do.

Below, a sampling of some other entries I may eventually write, in no particular order. When an entry mentioned here is actually posted, I'll change its name into a link (although the titles are apt to be altered).

Dip-shit: Adventures at MIT with Dip-it® plastic film.

Cannes: A month long family vacation in France.

Brittany by scooter: Part of my first trip to France.

Being short: Thoughts on being a shorter-than-average man.

Coleco: How I pirated Coleco-vision video games.

Software metaphors: The "desktop", "buttons", "files", "folders", and so on.

The French Fashion Institute project: Computerized dress patterns.

Logic analyzers: Debugging digital circuitry.

Selling to Disneyland: You are now on the Goofy level.

Federal Pioneer: Shooting lightning bolts at your own product.

And of course, entries will continue to be generated by things that happen in my life and the lives of my family.

So stick around.

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Originally posted September 11, 2014

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