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The many hairstyles of Darwin

Larry with bushy hairI once had a shaggy moustache, and a pretty thick head of hair, as seen to the left. I think I was going for the Albert Einstein look. This was probably in the early seventies.

The rock musical "Hair" opened on Broadway in April, 1968, and I saw it not long thereafter. It helped popularize the long-haired "hippie" style. When I later decided to cut my hair shorter, I walked into a random barber shop. The barber took a look at me, and cracked, "Are you here for a haircut, or just an estimate?"

Now, about forty years later, I've lost much of my hair, and it's my granddaughter Darwin's turn to experiment with interesting hairstyles. A few of them are shown below. Some of these pictures have appeared in earlier blog entries. Most were taken by Aunt Sara, or Dar's parents.

Darwin was born with quite a lot of dark hair. The top two photos below show her at two weeks of age, and earlier today, when we took her out to learn the important art of shopping at IKEA. Note that her hair is starting to reach down to her eyes.

The remaining photos show some of the many hairstyles of Darwin:

Early (2 weeks)
 Darwin's dark hair at two weeks
Length today (10½ months)
 Darwin's hair almost down to her eyes

Punk (5 weeks)
 Darwin's hair combed up into a 'punk' style

Pixie (3 months)
 Darwin's hair with a point at the top

A Ramones fan (punk rock)
 Darwin wearing a 'Ramones' shirt, punk hairstyle

 Darwin's hair combed up into a 'Mohawk'

 Darwin's hair pointing in 2 directions

 Darwin's hair every which way

Windblown, Harvard Square (10½ months)
Darwin's hair blowing in the wind

The last photo, just above, was taken on my January 11 birthday, after our celebratory family lunch at Henrietta's Table. As we were walking just south of the Square, on our way to have hot chocolates at Burdick's, there was an incredible gust of wind. I had to lean back into it in order to not be knocked over. A bit in front of us, a man's hat was blown off, and in a couple of seconds, it was about 15 meters away from him.

Ryan held on to Darwin tightly, and the wind ruffled her hair. I thought this might frighten her, but instead, she seemed to find it hilarious. She laughed and laughed with each gust, and Sara had the presence of mind to take a picture with her iPhone (if you click on it, you'll be zoomed back so you can also see Ryan).

Let it fly in the breeze and get caught in the trees,
Give a home to the fleas, in my hair,
A home for fleas,
A hive for the buzzin' bees,
A nest for birds,
There ain't no words,
For the beauty, splendor, the wonder of my hair.

[From the Broadway musical "Hair"]

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Originally posted January 16, 2014

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