An entry may be tagged with one or more "keywords" to indicate topics I frequently write about. The keywords below are links to an entry tagged with that keyword. If you click on the same keyword at the bottom of that entry, you'll see another entry tagged with that keyword, and so on. This is called a "Keyword thread".

Each keyword is in capital letters, preceeded by an asterisk, to facilitate searching in an index. Thus, if you use your browser's "Find" function to search in an index for stories about *KRONOS, include the asterisk. Then the search will find only keywords, and won't find other incidental uses of the word "Kronos".

There's another way to find pages on specific topics. The Recommended reading page contains lists of entries that I think are good places to start if you're interested is specific topics. That's another way to get started.

The keywords alphabetically:


The same keywords, with further explanation:

*CAMP   Stories from my many years attending Camp Robinson Crusoe, in Sturbridge, Massachusetts (USA).

*CAREER   Stories from my 33 year career as an electrical engineer.

*CHESS   Frankly, I suck at chess. I think I'm just too lazy to trudge through all the possibilities. So my "chess" entries are all stories about Richard Greenblatt's "Mac Hack VI" computer chess program, developed at MIT's Artificial Intelligence Lab in the sixties, while I was a graduate student there.

*CHILDHOOD  Stories from my youth and elementary school education, continuing through high school.

*ENGLISH  Entries relating to the English language (will also have the *LANGUAGE keyword).

*FAMILY1  Entries relating to the family in which I was raised, with my mother, father, and two sisters Alice and Phyllis.

*FAMILY2  Entries relating to my family as an adult: my wife Margie, and my two daughters Elissa and Sara.

*FRENCH  Entries relating to the French language (will also have the *LANGUAGE keyword).

*GERMAN  Entries relating to the German language (will also have the *LANGUAGE keyword).

*INTRO  These are entries designed to introduce you to these pages.

*ITALIAN  Entries relating to the Italian language (will also have the *LANGUAGE keyword).

*KRONOS   Entries relating to my work at Kronos Incorporated, where I worked for nearly 25 years, from April 16, 1979, through October 31, 2003.

*LANGUAGE  Entries related to languages and linguistics, an interest of mine. If applicable, these may also have one or more of the keywords ENGLISH, FRENCH, SPANISH, ITALIAN, or GERMAN. If not, the entry might be about linguistics in general, or about other languages.

*MATHEMATICS  Applied mathematics is another of my interests. But applied math - I'm no pure mathematician. And nothing too deep - more along the lines of puzzles and mathematical recreation.

*MIT   I entered MIT (the Massachusetts Institute of Technology) as a Freshman in September, 1959, and didn't leave until I received my doctorate in June, 1970. Thus I was there throughout the sixties, plus a little bit on either side. Most entries tagged with "MIT" are stories of events that occurred during this period that are connected with MIT in some way.

*PEOPLE   Entries devoted to specific people, or including specific people. Even though they're not actually people, non-human animals we have (or have had) relationships with may also be included in this keyword thread. Thus I've included, for example, Harold and Chester.

*SPANISH  Entries relating to the Spanish language (will also have the *LANGUAGE keyword).

*TECHNOLOGY   Discussions of technology, or the history of technology. I'm particularly interested in preserving for posterity a feeling of what technology was like when I was a child, and in the early days of my engineering career.

The following entries (in alphabetical order by title) have no keywords:

animals of Old Sudbury Road, The
Blogging on
Costco effect, The
Doctor's office (bis)
Fodor's Forums
Funny stuff
Gaining weight overnight
Great Britain to Little England?
Have it your way
Ice mysteries
Live free and die
Man Card, The
moon, The
O Christmas tree

Old rules
Openly secular
Poison ivy
Preferential voting
Recommended reading page
Republicans Reject Jesus ...
Science (bis)
Snow shovels
Tree work
Tyranny of the clock
Wayland 375
Weird hail
What's wrong with this picture?
Why do women have two breasts?
Windsurfing for sailors

I thought of creating a Keyword called *NOKEYWORD. But that would obviously be a logical contradiction. Besides, I think readers might want to read through all the entries with a particular keyword, but I'm not sure why anyone would want to read through all the entries whose only commonality is having NO keywords.

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