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I've been adding entries to my blog for over four and a half years (this is entry #0242), and nobody's apt to ever read the whole thing. It's pretty eclectic, with entries ranging from stories about my childhood, to entries so technical that nobody is likely to be interested except another engineer (and for that matter, only a specific type of engineer).

But I do find myself recommending pages to people interested in specific topics. Hence I decided to add a page to allow me to permanently record some of these recommendations. For people who have just been introduced to the blog, this can be a good way to get started - better than just reading it in order, or reading entries at random.

Of course, entries relating to certain topics can be found starting from the Keyword list. But the entries listed below are more limited, a selection of what I think of as the best of the entries in a particular area of interest, entries that I'd recommend to a friend. The page can be found at:

Recommended reading

If you click on a link on that page, the entry will open in a separate window or tab (depending on your browser). When done, you can close that window or tab to return to the Recommended reading page. Most browsers will change the color of the link you've visited, so you can see where you are in the list.

The contents of the Recommended reading page is not fixed for all time. I'll feel free to change my recommendations at any time, and I'll add to them now and then.

I'm also considering posting to the blog less frequently, perhaps every other week. I think that might improve the quality of the entries. I'm reluctant to drop a schedule altogether, though, and just post irregularly - I'm afraid that I might then stop posting altogether. Of course, that wouldn't be the end of the world - maybe I've done enough. Still, I have more stories to tell. Any thoughts?

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Originally posted August 14, 2014

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