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Nine months

Today, November 27, 2013, is baby Darwin's nine-month birthday. That means she's spent about the same amount of time in the outside world as she spent in utero. In pregnancy terms, it marks the end of her sixth trimester. By that reckoning, I'm now part way through my 291st trimester - I think I'm developing nicely. So is Darwin, and the eve of Thanksgiving seems to be an appropriate time to be grateful for her presence in our lives:

Darwin wearing a bear hat

Darwin gets to experience everything for the first time. Below, she can be seen going out trick-or-treating for her very first Halloween. She apparently found this holiday very confusing:

Elissa and Ryan carrying Darwin

Next, the many looks of Darwin (the photo with aunt Sara shows off the tail on Dar's Halloween zebra costume). All photos in this entry were take either by Elissa or Sara. Click on any photo to enlarge it, and return with your "Back" button.

Sara carrying Darwin on Halloween
Sara helps out on Halloween
Darwin playing with a roll of toilet paper
Anything's a toy

 Darwin with father Ryan
Daddy's girl

 Darwin being kissed by her mother
A kiss from Mom

 Darwin's hair combed up into a 'punk' style
Hairstyle: punk

 Darwin's hair combed up into a 'Mohawk'
Hairstyle: Mohawk

Tomorrow, Darwin will get to experience her First Thanksgiving. Maybe we'll feed her some turkey purée.

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Originally posted November 27, 2013

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