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First year

Sara shooting a picture of DarWhen baby Darwin was born to my daughter Elissa, my other daughter, Sara, promised to take a photograph of her every week during her first year. Thus the final photograph of that birthday gift, week 52, was taken at Darwin's first birthday party, which Margie and I hosted at our house.

To the left, you can see Aunt Sara shooting a Week 52 candidate. On her first birthday, Darwin posed wearing a pair of rabbit ears, as you can see.

As I've previously noted, it's fascinating to see Darwin experiencing everything for the first time. She wasn't too sure what was going on at her first Halloween, as documented in my blog entry Nine months. A month after Halloween was her First Thanksgiving, and then on Christmas 2013, her first Christmas.

But this entry celebrates Darwin's entire first year, by exhibiting all the photos that comprise Aunt Sara's gift. Here they are, below, one at birth, and then one a week for 52 weeks. I've posted them in a size that's sufficiently large for easy viewing, so you don't have to click on each one to enlarge it, you can just scroll down (although if you want to see a bigger version, you can click on any photo). This makes for a rather long blog entry, but scrolling is cheap.

Newborn picture
Week 1 picture
Week 1
Week 2 picture
Week 2
Week 3 picture
Week 3
Week 4 picture
Week 4

Week 5 picture
Week 5
Week 6 picture
Week 6
Week 7 picture
Week 7
Week 8 picture
Week 8
Week 9 picture
Week 9
Week 10 picture
Week 10
Week 11 picture
Week 11
Week 12 picture
Week 12
Week 13 picture
Week 13
Week 14 picture
Week 14
Week 15 picture
Week 15
Week 16 picture
Week 16
Week 17 picture
Week 17
Week 18 picture
Week 18
Week 19 picture
Week 19
Week 20 picture
Week 20
Week 21 picture
Week 21
Week 22 picture
Week 22
Week 23 picture
Week 23
Week 24 picture
Week 24
Week 25 picture
Week 25
Week 26 picture
Week 26
Week 27 picture
Week 27
Week 28 picture
Week 28
Week 29 picture
Week 29
Week 30 picture
Week 30
Week 31 picture
Week 31
Week 32 picture
Week 32
Week 33 picture
Week 33
Week 34 picture
Week 34
Week 35 picture
Week 35
Week 36 picture
Week 36
Week 37 picture
Week 37
Week 38 picture
Week 38
Week 39 picture
Week 39
Week 40 picture
Week 40
Week 41 picture
Week 41
Week 42 picture
Week 42
Week 43 picture
Week 43
Week 44 picture
Week 44
Week 45 picture
Week 45
Week 46 picture
Week 46
Week 47 picture
Week 47
Week 48 picture
Week 48
Week 49 picture
Week 49
Week 50 picture
Week 50
Week 51 picture
Week 51
Week 52 picture
Week 52
Sara holding DarIt seems appropriate to close this entry with a picture of the photographer. She took all the weekly photos of Darwin, with the exception of two that Elissa took to fill in when Sara was away. The project was an enormous amount of work, since it entailed not only setting up and taking the photos, but also travel to and from Elissa and Ryan's house on the same day each week.

Like any good photographer, Sara always took several photos at each sitting, and selected the best one to become part of the series. Sometimes she solicited our help in making the selection, by posting a few alternatives in a Dropbox folder, and asking us for our opinions on which one to use.

Some of the photos were taken with Darwin propped up on Elissa and Ryan's couch, but for others, Sara brought along a large piece of cloth to use as a backdrop. In order to be more comparable, Sara didn't use a large variety of settings. I think all of the photos were done using natural light.

In addition, Sara created a short video (2:08) which also documents Darwin's development over her first year. It's called The Weekly Evolution of Darwin, and it was put together out of short videos that Sara took in the course of the photo sessions. You can see it just below: Note 1

And to reemphasize the effort that went into this project, below is another short video (3:12) containing some of Sara's outtakes. Sara wrote of it, "For those of you who think it's easy to get all those smiley photos, here's a little 'Behind the Scenes' Christmas video I made for Ryan and Elissa." It's called Baby Wrangling.

Thank you, Sara !

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Originally posted March 6, 2014

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Note 1:   If you want to see versions of the videos that are wider than the 600-pixel-wide confines of my blog pages (almost 50% wider), click the next link for The Weekly Evolution of Darwin, or the next link for Baby Wrangling.   [return to text]

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