The Year 2000 Problem

In case anyone here has been in a cave for the past year: The Year 2000 Problem, abbreviated "Y-2-K", refers to the possibility that when the calendar rolls from 1-9-9-9 to 2-0-0-0, computers will start acting even stupider than usual. This is due to dates stored with only two digits, and other date-related bugs. And Time and Attendance software, of course, is just crawling with dates. We could look through all our code, but you know how hard it is for a programmer to find a date!

Anyway, I'm the Engineering representative to the Kronos Y2K Steering Committee, an honor bestowed on me because I didn't get out of the way fast enough. The Year 2000 problem is so serious, I'm sure you're all thinking the same thing I did: we need to celebrate it in song! While trying to write a humorous speech, I discovered that whenever I mentioned to anyone that I was thinking about singing, they immediately started laughing! Now, if I'd already heard Aron and Kizzy sing, I would have thought twice, but it's too late to turn back now. And so, to accompany me, I'd like to call on longtime Kronite Steve Hiatt, who has often provided musical accompaniment at management roasts, and other solemn Kronos occasions (and you know how solemn Steve is).

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