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Getting started

One way to start:  You can read the entries in the order they were originally posted by going to the Blog index, and starting with the first entry, Introduction: what are these pages? The advantage of the Blog index order is that new entries can only be added at the end, so you won't skip over anything. When done with an entry, you can click "Next in blog" in the footer to go on to the next entry.

Another way to start:  Now that I've been writing this blog for well over four years, and there are over 240 entries, I've found myself recommending specific pages to readers with particular interests. You can see lists of these recommendations on my Recomended reading page.

Yet another way to start:   You can read the entries tagged with a particular keyword of interest to you. Click the next link to go to the Keyword list, select an interesting keyword, and click it. Read the entry if you'd like, or skip it. Then, in the footer of the entry (before any footnotes), click on the same keyword to see the next entry with that keyword.

At some point:  I'd recommend reading the first four entries, tagged with the *INTRO keyword. These start with Introduction: what are these pages?, and you can continue by clicking, in the footer, either "Next in blog" or the *INTRO keyword.

Write me at any time to comment, or to request a weekly e-mail notification of new entries.

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