As in a book, this page acknowledges people who have encouraged me to write in general, encouraged me to write these memoirs, and helped me along the way. This page is not intended to acknowledge people who have helped me in other ways during my life. They will, as this work progresses, be acknowledged by entries in my memoirs that recall their influence.

I've been expressing for a while an intent to write down some of the stories of my life to leave to my children. I've been encouraged to write by my wife Margie, who often reads my stories before I post them, and makes useful suggestions. My sisters Alice and Phyllis, and my daughters Elissa and Sara have also been supportive of the idea.

I've gotten both encouragement and specific suggestions from Angela Tellone Hatch, a "Facebook Friend" whom I've never actually met in person, something which occurs in this internet age.

Other people have encouraged me to write over the years. An internet search on my name recently turned up some letters I wrote in September of 1999 to Designfax, a technical publication. It reminded me of how pleased I was that these letters were printed with a note from the Editor (unnamed), saying, "By the way, we think Larry ought to write more!" I've also been encouraged to write by Gordon Marino, a professor of philosophy at St. Olaf College, after I replied to a column of his on business ethics.

My blogging hero is Kristin Espinasse, who posts not once a week like me, but in fact three times a week, on her excellent blog "French Word-A-Day".

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