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My Y2K research

The below was part of a "Year 2000 Emergency Kit" that I displayed in my office in 1999. It was a commentary on all the hype suggesting that the "Y2K Problem" would cause the collapse of modern civilization on January 1, 2000.

My Y2K research

A great many Kronos engineers were aficionados of a trashy newspaper called the "Weekly World News". It was constantly predicting Armageddon or other similar disasters, so the "millennium bug" was tailor-made for its pages.

I folded a section of the page over and taped it in back, to make for a more compact display on my office shelf. As a result, the picture does not show the entire front page - that's why the man's face is cut off. Nevertheless, you get the idea.

The Weekly World News apparently still exists, and is on the web.

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