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List of Krakauer family patents

47,336Bed springPK05/11/15
1,169,041Caster slidePK01/18/16
1,247,970Spring padPK11/27/17
1,247,971Spring pad and method of making samePK11/27/17
1,465,766Spring padPK08/21/23
1,541,056Self-locking springAK06/09/25
1,541,825Self-locking springAK06/16/25
1,649,832Spring cushion structurePK11/22/27
1,655,551Spring-cushion structurePK01/10/28
1,697,819Spring-cushion structurePK01/01/42
1,954,768Adjustable ribbon strapPK04/10/34
2,074,019Studio couchAK03/16/37
2,113,377Spring cushion structureAK04/05/38
2,119,257Studio couchAK05/31/38
2,142,399Spring cushion and mattress structureAK01/03/39
2,156,728Spring structureAK05/02/39
2,175,991Foldable couch back structureAK10/10/39
2,201,903Hinge for sofa bedsAK05/21/41
2,212,121Slide fastenerAK08/20/40
2,215,373Clip for sinuous springsAK09/17/40
2,224,824Spring clipAK12/10/40
2,224,825Couch hingeDK,LK12/10/40
2,236,351Locking sofa bed hingeDK03/25/41
2,254,106Spring lockAK08/26/41
2,260,627Mattress springAK10/28/41
2,291,389Silencer for spring structuresAK07/28/42
2,291,390Spring mattress structureAK07/28/42
2,291,391Folding bed chairAK07/28/42
2,291,392Locking means for studio couchesAK07/28/42
2,296,559Spring edge mattress or cushionAK09/22/42
2,305,013Shaped cushionAK12/15/42
2,313,443Padded spring cushion unitAK03/09/43
2,315,968Edge roll for mattressPK04/06/43
2,315,969Folding couch bed AK04/06/43
2,330,059Couch hingeDK,LK09/21/43
2,397,017Folding bed couchAK03/19/46
2,403,379Spring element and constructionAK07/02/46
2,470,812Machine for assembling springsDK*05/24/49
2,518,909Signal responsive to current-passage timeEK08/15/50
2,624,889Couch hingeEK01/13/53
2,651,054Sofa-bed hingeEK09/08/53
2,782,836Reclining chairEK02/26/57
2,843,192Clip for sinuous furniture springEK07/15/58
2,851,087Auxiliary furniture springEK09/09/58
2,979,739Mattress, cushion, or the likeDK04/18/61
3,096,086Sinuous wire springEK07/02/63
3,129,935Sinuous spring structureLK04/21/64
3,187,069Making foamed articlesEK*06/01/65
3,305,879Torsion spring and mattress edgeLK02/28/67
3,325,861Mold for casting polyurethane articlesEK*06/20/67
3,327,029Method for molding and transporting gel state foamEK*06/20/67
3,332,861Mold for casting polyurethane articlesEK*06/20/67
3,339,593Spring assembling machineDK,EK09/05/67
3,431,331Anticlogging breathable mold and methodEK*03/04/69
3,441,064Means and method for separating and transferring nested coil springsEK*04/29/69
3,575,303Means for transferring nested coil springsEK*04/02/71
3,630,053Safety lockEK12/28/71
3,633,810Combined stapler and clipper for furniture spring clipsDK*01/11/72
3,671,031Furniture clip and assemblyLK06/20/72
3,680,337Safety lockEK08/01/72
3,791,749Furniture spring clip and installationDK,EK*02/12/74
3,940,810Box spring, box spring frame and making sameDK,LK03/02/76
4,114,212Bed spring unit and methodEK09/19/78
4,169,307Clinch tool and methodEK*10/02/79
4,331,361Posture chair backDK05/25/82
4,361,092Process and apparatus for time card preparation and utilization and the likeLJK11/30/82
4,371,153Sinuous spring with depth controlDK02/01/83
4,458,943Spring seatDK07/10/84
4,524,266Method of and apparatus for discriminating between various types of check-out periods in employee time-recording systems and the likeLJK*06/18/85
4,699,362Spring elementEK10/13/87
4,818,969Method of fixed-length binary encoding and decoding and apparatus for sameLJK*04/04/89

KEY: PK = Philip Krakauer, AK = Abraham Krakauer, DK = Daniel Krakauer, LK = Leonard Krakauer, EK = Edwin Krakauer, LJK = Lawrence J. Krakauer. The abbreviations PK, AK, DK, LK, and EK were used within Kay Manufacturing Corporation, PK and AK most commonly (DK, LK, and EK were more often called Dan, Len, and Ed).

* An asterisk indicates that there were co-inventors. Working with Dan and/or Ed on some of the inventions thus marked were Seymour Pincus, Edward M. Fischer, Thomas Grille, and Donald H. Weinzimer. My co-inventors were Lawrence Bliss and Larry Baxter.

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