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Additional computer chess games

Game 2, November 16, 1968
Both programs used a book of openings

Scan of game 2

Game 3, November 16, 1968
Swiss program ("Charly") used a book of openings
MAC HAC VI book disabled

Scan of game 3

The above images were scanned from the printouts taped into my logbook, so they're somewhat faded (but readable). The printout of these games seems to have been done in a mixed algebraic - descriptive notation. For instance, the opening move in both games, "Pawn to King-4", would be P-K4 in descriptive notation, and E2-E4 in algebraic notation. It was printed as P/E2 K2-E4 K4. This can be read as "Pawn on E2(King-2) moved to E4(King-4).

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