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To see any of these files, just click on the filename. To download a file on a PC running Windows, right-click on the filename, and then, in the menu that pops up, click on "Save Target As ..." (Explorer) or "Save Link As ..." (Firefox). These are Microsoft® Office Word 2003 ".doc" files.

These documents are gleaned from various on-line sources, identified where possible. Some of the information in these files is old - some of them go back to 2005. I can't be responsible if the files contain inaccurate information.

FRANCE: Provence

Provence restaurants (1)       ProvenceRestaurants(1).doc
A Provence restaurant list (Microsoft Word, August, 2007, 7 pages, 62Kb)
This Provence restaurant list was primarily compiled by Fodor's poster "PBProvence", but recommendations by some other Fodor's posters have also been added. It is organized by village.

Provence restaurants (2)       ProvenceRestaurants(2).doc
A Provence restaurant list (Microsoft Word, September, 2007, 25 pages, 208Kb)
This Provence restaurant list was culled primarily from the forum on It is organized by village.

FRANCE: Languedoc

Languedoc restaurants       LanguedocRest02.doc
A Languedoc restaurant list (Microsoft Word, September, 2009, 6 pages, 69Kb)
This Languedoc restaurant list was culled from various web sources. It is organized by village.

ITALY: Venice

VENICE: some info. & tips       venicecymraeg1.doc
By Fodor's Forum poster "Cymraeg46" (Microsoft Word, 1/3/08, 5 pages, 52Kb)
Cymraeg46 wrote: "I am a British ex-pat resident in Italy for more than 25 years. I visit Venice regularly and have prepared some notes which may be of use to serious travellers wanting to spend more than a couple of days in the city. ... Buon viaggio!!"

Margie's VENICE file       venicemargie05b.doc
By Fodor's Forum poster "justretired" (Microsoft Word, 2005-6, 13 pages, 104Kb)
Travelers Larry and Margie both post on Fodor's as "justretired". This document contains information on Venice gleaned from various on-line sources: Tours and activities, shopping, and lots of restaurants. It also contains a Fodor's Trip Report written after the trip ended.

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