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Le Cercle Français meets from 7:30 to 9:00 PM every other Wednesday in the vicinity of Wayland, Massachusetts (USA) for informal conversation in French.  There's no charge for attending the meetings.  Meeting attendees have various levels of proficiency; some are quite fluent, or even native speakers, while others mostly listen.  However, no English is spoken, and no lessons are given.  The easiest way to find out if you are interested is to attend one or two meetings, with no obligation.

You may attend some sessions and not others.  After attending a few sessions, many members volunteer to host the group from time to time, which involves serving light refreshments, although we do have members for whom hosting is not possible.

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Additional details:

Meetings are scheduled on alternate Wednesdays, from 7:30 to 9:00 PM.  On the Wednesday between meetings, an e-mail message is sent out asking who can attend the following week.  Then on the Monday before the meeting, a message is sent giving the location, with driving directions (or canceling the meeting, if too few can make it).

If a meeting is canceled, the remaining schedule is not altered, to allow people to plan ahead. The schedule may depart from alternate-weeks around Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Click here to jump down to the list of scheduled dates below.

There are no assigned books or pre-determined topics of conversation.  We do sometimes attach a brief article in French to the meeting announcement, to serve as one of the possible topics of discussion.  This allows you to brush up on related vocabulary in advance of the meeting, if you'd like.  However, reading the article before the meeting is entirely optional, and consideration of the article will only be one portion of the evening's discussion.

Our e-mail list is never shared with anyone else, and those on the list will almost never receive more than one message a week. At the bottom of every message there are instructions as to how to have your name removed from the list.

For a personal recollection of how I came to join this discussion group way back in 1980, see my blog entry entitled Le Cercle Français.

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Scheduled Wednesdays for 2018 & 2019
Alternate week schedule adjusted around holidays.

January     1/17 1/31
February     2/14 2/28
March     3/14 3/28
April     4/11 4/25
May     5/9 5/23
June     6/6 6/20
July     7/4 7/18
August     8/1 8/15 8/29
September     9/12 9/26
October     10/10 10/24
November     11/7 11/28
December     12/12
January     1/16 1/30
February     2/13 2/27
March     3/13 3/27
April     4/10 4/24
May     5/8 5/22
June     6/5 6/19
July     7/3 7/17 7/31
August     8/14 8/28
September     9/11 9/25
October     10/9 10/23
November     11/6 11/20
December     12/4 12/18
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